A Track of 2000 Kilometers (about 1200 Miles),
ringing an artificial Mountain-scape, with about half of the Track in Tunnels and the rest among the "Mountains".

Orbiting the Earths Moon alternating slowly between the light and dark sides to provide for a uniquely sharp contrast between a dark driving scape teeming with beautiful stars....and a startlingly bright summers day.

The vehicles would be prohibitively expensive to send in tact and fully functional, to the Racetrack....in performance, safety, and aesthetically optimal conditions....therefore our car-printeries...courtesy of AutoMatum, the MilkyWay Autobots, will brings the Road Beasts of Terra Firma to our Space-Faring Racetrack.

Without regard to Speed Limits, the Thrill-Seekers of our small blue world, will get to inhabit and Ocean of Stars in the Sky, with the windswept mountains as the background to the most memorable ride of their lives....with hours of Adventurous Travel even at the highest speeds, without repeating the same sights.